Karate is a Japanese martial art utilizing footwork, low stances and powerful strikes.  Joint locks and throws are introduced at later stages.

Notable Karate practitioners in the UFC include:


George St. Pierre

Conor Mcgregor

Lyoto Machida

Steven Thompson

Michelle Waterson

Gunner Nelson

Chuck Liddell

Our style of karate is known as Shaolin Kempo.  The style aims toward mastering strikes with the hands/arms, kicks, throws and pins/jointlocks.  Where as most martial art styles aim to be proficient in one of these categories, Kempo aims to improve them all.  Thus, if your opponent is a better striker, you can grapple and vice versa.

To keep our karate thriving and up to date, we introduce techniques from various other martial arts including Wrestling, Sambo, Boxing, Aikido, Muay Thai, and Jiu-Jitsu.

If you are looking to get into shape, Karate classes are phenomenal whole body workouts!

Karate improves mental focus, co-ordination, physical strength, flexibility, cardiovascular health, bone density and balance.

The discipline, focus and confidence gained from Karate will aid you, or your child in all aspects of life.  We offer a ninja tots program for kids ages 3-5, a junior program for ages 6-12, and an adult karate program.

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