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MMA is generally thought of as a sport, where two challengers fight in a cage with minimal rules.  However, MMA is much more than a contest of skill and will, it is a study into some of the most effective methods of combat.  In the beginning, different martial arts were pitted against each other to determine which was "best".

Eventually it was discovered that each martial art had something to offer and the fighter who combined them in the best way had the edge.  Pretty soon there were no fighters who practiced a single discipline, everyone was blending styles.  The key was combining striking and grappling, as many arts solely focus on one or the other.  Getting a good grappling base from Wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu or Sambo and a good striking base from Kickboxing, Karate or Muay Thai was the norm.

In our MMA class you will learn footwork and distancing, how to land combinations that include punches, kicks and take-downs.  You will learn how to control and defend against an opponent on the ground.  Last but not least, you will get into great shape and have an exhilarating experience.  We have students of various experience levels, beginners will find help and feel welcome.  Safety is our priority, but expect a challenge!

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