We are proud to offer traditional Yang style Tai Chi classes every Wednesday morning at 10:00 am.  Tai Chi is an ancient martial art, moving meditation, and a low impact exercise.  When practiced correctly, the movements improve balance, co-ordination, flexibility, circulation, posture, digestion and even speed.  This results in a higher functioning human body, that is more resilient to injury as well as illness.  The state of mind required is relaxed yet focused.  While the mind is relaxed, the muscles loosen and allow for faster, unhindered movements.  When the muscle tension releases, stale blood is freed up and pumped through the body allowing it to gather fresh oxygen and contribute to good health.  The diaphragm (main muscle for breathing), can also descend lower in a relaxed state.  This means deeper breathing and more oxygen.  Once relaxation becomes a habit, the adrenal gland produces less cortisol (stress hormone), which results in mental clarity, a feeling of well being and less wear and tear on your heart. 

The philosophy of Tai Chi is softness overcoming hardness.  The soft waves on the beach can eventually carve hard stone.  The practitioner must maintain a relaxed body with a focused mind, and react flexibly in the face of danger.  New students learn the basic movements and concepts, and build their awareness of their own breathing and muscle tension.  As students build experience they learn "push hands".  Push hands is a drill involving two people trying to off balance each other, often using the opponents force against them.  Experienced students learn how to use the sword, which is a great tool for developing footwork and wrist strength. 

Try starting your Wednesdays with Tai Chi and feel the difference!


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